Partridge Community Association Restructures by Chris Terrill

pedal tractorThe board of the Partridge Community Association met on May 21 to discuss the results of the community goal-setting meeting on April 20th and decide what the future role of the Community Association would be. Locating leadership and volunteers for projects instigated by the board has become a continuing problem and the lack of specific projects also led to the need for the meeting. A summary from the facilitator, Andrea Springer, was reviewed. This summary can be found on our website The results of this brainstorming process of our strengths and needs resulted in four goals- (votes from the group for each are in parenthesis)
1. City beautification (21) This included clean up with organized work days, creating community gardens and a farmer’s market, Construct an outdoor activity place with seating and places for outdoor recreation, Finding ways to attract beneficial birds.
2. Sidewalks and walking paths (13) Locate funding and volunteer labor to create places for exercise off the streets.
3. Build or secure a place for a multipurpose community building (25) There was a desire for more library space, a coffee shop, day care, and a place for fitness.
4. Community-wide Music Events (18) Seek to organize a combining of the singing talents in our community into a combined choir event, try to have regularly scheduled musical events over the year
The board of directors felt all these goals to be important and achievable if enough people were willing to give of their time and effort. The discussion then turned to whether the Partridge Community Association should continue to exist. Those on the board felt in recent years all the association projects fell to the few members of the board to execute in addition to organizing and financing. The support and help for many of the projects was missing. Several members of the board expressed a desire to leave and new board members will be sought. Meetings of this group will be reduced to twice a year in May and September along with the annual meeting in February. Special meetings of the board can be held as necessary. This arrangement will last for one year, at which time the future of the association will be reevaluated.
It was then decided that the board of directors’ number would be reduced and its role in community projects would be to provide funding and support for ideas promoted by those in the community. They would no longer be in charge of organizing and running these activities, including summer recreation and Family Fest. It is hoped that those in support of efforts to meet the goals set forth will organize into committees to make them a reality and the board will do their best to provide necessary funding.
The board is excited that this idea is already catching on. Some in the community have already expressed interest in working on some projects. A group headed by Rachel Beachy (717-669-4330) organized community-wide garage sales for June 12 – 13 with advertising funded from the association. Shelby Harner (620-727-4511) is working to form a committee to continue Family Fest on the 3rd Saturday in October. Jim French (620-200-0260) has volunteered to head a committee to organize a community-wide choir or musical event. Chris Terrill (620-567-2723) is looking for others interested in creating community gardens and an outdoor performance area. If you are willing to help with any of these efforts, please call and volunteer your help. It is amazing what we can accomplish when everyone pitches in.


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